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For most of my life I was a musician.  I toured with a few name acts all over the world.  Then I found myself in L.A. doing music for television commercials.   If you take anything you love and make it your job,.. it becomes your job.  So while I will always love music and playing guitar, I discovered that a big part of the thrill I used to get writing and producing music I began to get from photography.  And since I’m a rocker I tend to go for things that have an edge.  I started with some camera knowledge, but not much really. I prefer to learn by doing – that is how I learned guitar as well.  My first shots were done with a little 5 megapixel Canon Elph and a floorlamp which I would lean into the subject – and a few of those are still here in the site, side by side with full frame/full-res work.

It’s been a 10 years but I still feel new.  I hope that brings a freshness to everything I do.  I discover something new on almost every shoot, but I take it all very seriously as well.  I understand that I have clients that need their wishes fulfilled, and if they’re going to hire me I should be prepared to fulfill those wishes (as I did working for decades with Ad Agencies).  I’m not the type of photographer that shows up wondering what he’s going to shoot.  I believe in pre-production and planning and I care about everything in the frame, not only the subject.

My ‘secret fetish’ is beauty,  and I absolutely love bringing that out in the people I shoot.  I’ve done covers and pictorials for both mainstream and adult magazines, and recently became a regular contributor to Penthouse.

My photography hero is Francesco Scavullo who loved women and knew exactly how to hrlp them be the most beautiful they could be.