In November 2014 I received a call from Penthouse Magazine regarding their Point Blank feature.  They asked if I would like to do an interview and submit a few photos of my work.  I realized this would be an opportunity to show them what I could do, and asked what the theme of the issue would be.  They told me it was “The New British Invasion.”


I brainstormed a few ideas and said I would like to try and do a few new things along the lines of their theme. Then I rented a Mini Cooper and shot 3 girls with a Union Jack flag, as if it was coming to NY from London. I also painted my leather biker jacket with the British Flag on the back and had a seamstress stitch the American Flag (which had flown over my house) into the lining. Then I sent these new shots along with some of my past work along to the magazine.


Initially my feature was only supposed to be a page or two,.. but when the issue came out I was surprised to find that they had given me a full 10 page editorial, saying: “…his skill, and the enthusiasm with which he embraced our new British Invasion theme, inspired us to use his work for a full pictorial.”


This turned out to be the first of many pictorials, covers, and centerfolds I’ve shot for Penthouse over the last few years!

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