Penthouse “Pop Shots” pictorial with Jesse Hughes

Penthouse “Pop Shots” pictorial with Jesse Hughes2017-06-03T18:58:39+00:00

The following are my photos which appeared in Penthouse Magazine’s July 2015 issue.  The guest creative director of this month’s “Pop Shots” pictorial was Jesse Hughes from the band: “The Eagles of Death Metal.” He chose Superman creator Joe Shuster’s infamous fetish artwork from “Nights of Horror” as the starting point for the project.



Shooting this set was a definite challenge, but one which I really enjoyed.  The idea was to have Shuster’s art jump off the pages and into real, albeit fantasy life. His somewhat simple fetish drawings left a lot of space to fill when using live models and locations.  He also drew very minimal backgrounds in order to keep the attention focused on his characters.


Since he’s famous for his comic book images, it made sense to create a strong graphic element in the photography by adding wide swaths of color with gels on the lights.  I don’t believe we used any white light at all that day.


I’m really glad Penthouse put Jesse and me together for this project.  I think we shared the same creative vision throughout the project. And since we’re both guitarists, we had plenty to talk about aside from the gorgeous models strutting about in towering heels and little else.

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Additional info, and the Jesse Hughes interview on the Penthouse website here:

Models: Angela Sommers & Kendra James

Fashions and accessories were generously provided by Stockroom, and Syren.

Location provided by Mistress Isabella Sinclaire’s Ivy Manor Studio/DTLA.